Personal Styling

Personal Styling Packages


Developing a personal sense of style can take time, and should reflect who you are as a person - your style should tell a story. Sometimes personal styling can be difficult, whether you feel it is time for a wardrobe renovation, selecting a perfect piece for a special occasion or starting from scratch, it can be a challenge! A stylist works to combine your style, complexion, body-type, events and budget to create a perfect wardrobe and/or outfit. 

Cassidy offers several styling packages to suit her clients needs:

Styling can be conducted through three (3) mediums (with prices varying): In-Person, via Video Chat and via E-mail. In-person are suited to those who feel most comfortable shopping together, and is the most comprehensive package*. Styling via Video Chat allows Cassidy to build a personal profile for her clients, and discuss styles personally. Via E-mail is designed for those who are comfortable discussing through a written medium, sharing links to websites, and photographs of pieces.  

Personal Styling Consultation

Fashion is constantly evolving and we often find ourselves caught up in the many different trends, and loose or never really know what our personal style is. This consultation is also great for people, who have a understanding of their style but are currently in a rut and need a boost of inspiration. 

In the comfort of you home, Cassidy can help discover your personal style. We will discuss what you like and dislike, what styles work best for you and your body shape, Thoroughly culling, sorting your wardrobe, discussing staples and must haves to build your desired wardrobe. Cassidy will advice you about what is needed in your newly updated wardrobe and go through various outfit combinations for day to day life with the clothing you have. 

Personal styling is intended to be an enjoyable experience, figuring out what you love and desire to wear with the right direction. Cassidy speaks the truth and makes sure the client gets the correct and helpful advice, she wants to make sure every client is left feeling confident and excited about their new looks and wardrobe.  Remember that finding your personal style doesn't always mean to purchase new clothing but simply figuring out how to put together different combinations from the wardrobe you have.  

Book Cost: $150

Event Styling

Event styling is designed for those seeking assistance in finding a special outfit for an occasion. Cassidy can help you find your perfect outfit through sourcing stores and pieces which cater to various ages, body-types, events and budgets. Take the stress of shopping away, and enjoy the event.

Booking Cost: $100


*Note: Cassidy is available to travel in order to provide the In-Person package. Travel and stay expenses will be added to the advertised cost, and vary.