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Style Editor is an Australian-based editorial platform for fashion, style and art curated by Cassidy Hultgren.

The Editor, Cassidy Hultgren, is a stylist and fashion illustrator. From a young age she has wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry.  She envisages the world in creative ways and expresses herself through art. 

Everyone has their own perception of how their outfit should represent them.
— Cassidy Hultgren, Editor.

Cassidy's style is summarised as modern and polished with an edge. She combines wardrobe classics, basics and tailored pieces, with distressed denim, leather jackets and converse shoes. Outfit and style inspiration is drawn from Pinterest, Vogue Magazine, music and Bloggers; Shotsfromthestreet (Lizzy Hayfield), Oracle Fox blog (Amanda Shadforth). Cassidy is adamant about embracing personal style and always encourages others to do so. Everyone has their own perception of how they want to look and how they want their outfit to represent them. 

Art, for Cassidy, started as a hobby, and being creative has always been her favourite outlet. Overtime her talent has strengthened and she found her artistic style in fashion illustration. Fashion illustration is the perfect medium, which combines her favourite passions.  She sketches out the latest fashion week shows, sketches and paints the current 'It' girls and models, requested client works and in her spare time will sketch realistic portraits, still life and landscapes.  Cassidy is constantly finding inspiration from magazines, culture, fashion and iconic places.

Enjoy the fashion world in Cassidy Hultgren's point of view. 

Welcome to Style editor.




C A R E E R   A C H I E V E M E N T S /

Awards /

Apex Fashion State Finalist 2013


 I N D U S T R I E   E X P E I R E N C E  /

3.5 Years of Fashion Retail 

Intern for Fashion Designer, Steph Audino

Perth Fashion Festival Volunteer (BOH)  2012

Style Aid fashion show Volunteer(BOH)  2013 

2 x BOH Volunteer for Westfield  fashion shows  ( Michael Walton ) 2013 / 2014



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